Save the Pollinators

a collaborative musical project focused on the plight of both the little brown bats and honeybees


If you like fresh food, or if you like to sit outside without an excess of bug bites, the need to support the care and preservation of bats and bees is more important than ever. This is a reminder of the brilliant and delicate interdependence of our ecosystem.

I would like to draw attention to this issue through art. I believe that a collection of voices, sounds, and music is a powerful tool. I imagine a project that could celebrate the beauty of the pollinators, educate about their current struggles, and possibly even change research or public policy to combat the diseases that are affecting pollinators.

My goal is to compose an original sound score to accompany your submissions. This collection could stand as a force emphasizing the global impact that these creatures have on our lives. So I would love to hear from you! Please consider contributing your voice, field recordings of bats or bees, interviews with bee keepers or bat experts - the creative possibilities are endless!

Listen and Submit your voice

If you need help getting started here are some possible prompts:

Some things to keep in mind:

Special Thanks

Devin Underwood, Hannah Richards, Marc Carlson, Luna Calquin, Enrico Nunziati, Vineyard Adventures, Wendy Dooldeniya, Martin Pickard, Barbara Rich, Santos, Robyn Lee, G Mundo, Vicki, & the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters.